APM works with many companies across a variety of industries to keep their production lines running smoothly. We offer many solutions to reduce mishandling and damage to your products. No matter what product you manufacture, if you need to convey it, we can be of service. Contact Us Today!

Container Handling

Rotary Unscrambling and Accumulation Tables are designed to unscramble bottles, jars, cans or containers of any material. The rotary motion and dynamic unscrambling arm gently moves your containers to the outside edge of the rotary table to form a single line and are discharged one at a time, unaided, onto the conveyor of a filling, capping or labeling line.

Gap Transfer Conveyors to transfer your filled or empty containers from one standard conveyor to another by gripping the sides of the container as it is transferred. This unique gap transfer process leaves the bottom of the container open and available for either inkjet or laser code dating without stopping or slowing down the filling or capping process. With adjustments, it can also be used for depucking, elevating, spacing containers as well as label inspection.

Bi-Directional Accumulation Tables are also available for small or large production lines. By utilizing opposing conveyor movement we are able to create a buffer for product accumulation in a small footprint.

Bottle Unscramblers that are modular in design and can be customized for nearly any application, (feeding more than just bottles). Manufactured on a single frame with fixed change parts to ensure quick and easy “tool-less” changeovers. They utilize a proven “starwheel” orientation system to deliver consistent and accurate bottle discharge onto conveyors and ramps or directly into pocket wheels, timing screws and pucks.

Conveyor Systems

APM can provide individual or complete FDA / USDA approved conveyor systems that are designed to transport a wide variety of products in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Our conveyor systems are simple, modular in design and offer a high level of reliability. We offer a standard stainless steel build or special construction for anti-corrosive and sanitary applications. Our product offering includes straight horizontal conveyors, plastic belt conveyors, table top belt curves, inclines, chain driven live rollers and much more.