Primary packaging material is available in many configurations, and is considered that which comes in contact with and contains the product.

A single product such as a bottle containing a sport drink can be defined by the consumer as a form of “primary” packaging. Whereas a collation of shrink wrapped bottles would be considered as the carrier package used within the distribution process and referred to as “secondary” packaging.

Primary packaging machines can certainly be general in nature. However, each type or grouping of packaging machinery can be broken down into specific applications, and the options are many.

As technology moves forward, packaging machines are becoming more advanced, more intuitive and able to handle a wider range of applications to not only meet current requirements, but with the flexibility for future product development within an organization. This is a huge benefit when considering machinery costs and the interchangeability of operators and training.


Filling is the heart of the production line and our goal is to clearly understand our clients’ expectations regarding their current and future automation requirements. From integrating a filling system to an existing production line to providing a complete automated packaging system, we carefully evaluate the project goals and select the best system with the most flexibility for the application. Providing you, the client with the perfect blend of precision, speed, and versatility.

From typical food products to hazardous area chemical applications, we work with the top machinery manufacturers to provide your company with the right filling system to meet your production requirements. Product characteristics, required production speed, range of filling requirements as well as container types all contribute to the type of filling technology selected.

Our product offering includes semi-automatic fillers to high-speed rotary fillers for volumetric or net weight filling. So, whether you’re filling requirements entail dry or liquid products in glass, plastic, metal containers or flexible packaging, we will utilize our extensive industry and applications experience to provide the right solution for your application. Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. supports the food & beverage, chemical, cosmetic, personal care, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

Dry Filling: Our product offering includes, auger fillers, cup fillers, combination net weight scales, linear net weight scales, counting systems, flexible screw feeders, pneumatic conveying systems, bucket elevators and cleated incline conveyors for various products including powders, granules and parts counting.

Liquid Filling: Our product offering includes in-line fillers, rotary fillers, pail fillers, drum fillers, IBC tote fillers, net weight fillers, over-flow fillers, piston fillers, and rotary monoblock fillers.

Capping / Closure Systems

Capping can often be the biggest bottleneck in a production line. There are numerous reasons as to why this happens. Understanding capping technologies and their limitations can eliminate downtime and improve efficiencies. When selecting a capping system, details to consider include type of containers, cap style and size, as well as required production speeds. We have over 30 years of experience working with the top manufacturers of capping machinery and can assist you in determining which capping technology fits your application best. Our product offering includes in-line capping machines and high-speed chuck style rotary cappers, as well as cap feeding and sorting systems for virtually every style of closure on the market today. This includes Screw-on closures for plastic screw caps, Roll-on closures for aluminum ROPP (Roll On Pilfer Proof) caps, Push-in (push on) closures for T-corks, stoppers, and plugs, Snap-on closures for snap-caps, Screw-on & roll-on for aluminum TOPP (Torque On Pilfer Proof) caps, Insert & close, for pumps and triggers.

Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc., can supply and integrate a capping system into an existing production line, integrate a monoblock system that includes a filler and a capper or provide an entire automated packaging system from start to finish. We support the food & beverage, chemical, cosmetic, personal care, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.


What Is the primary purpose of product labels? A label is an essential feature of a packaged product that aims to provide information about your product to potential customers. Product labels allow consumers to know the content of the product, especially the presence of allergens and how to properly use it. Although, the main purpose of product labels is to inform, they do have additional functions such as, providing your product identity through branding, making product categorization easier for products with variants, promoting persuasive characteristics of your products, and protecting consumers as well as your brand by complying with labeling regulations.

Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. represents a broad range of versatile automated packaging systems, which in this case are commonly known as labeling systems. This includes Pressure Sensitive Labeling Systems, Cut and Stack Labeling Systems, Shrink Sleeve Labeling Systems and Stretch Sleeve Labeling Systems. These labeling systems are an important part of a packaging line and are an essential element to all down line processes. In addition to meeting safety requirements and good manufacturing practices these systems are also manufactured with the highest quality materials and high-reliability electronic and pneumatic components. These labeling systems are designed to improve efficiency and eliminate downtime while supporting quick tool-less product changeover, and are available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic configurations.

Pressure Sensitive Labeling: Pressure sensitive labeling systems can be configured for labeling cylindrical, elliptical and rectangular products, and the labeling of fast-moving or irregularly shaped products. Technologies include linear and rotary pressure sensitive labeling systems with multiple labeling heads and Non-Stop Labeling / Zero Down Time Labeling capability. We offer solutions for the food & beverage, chemical, cosmetics, personal care, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. Our systems support a variety of applications including, wrap around labeling, wrap around labeling w / tamper tab, front & back labeling, pail labeling, case labeling, oriented label placement, neck labeling, tax strip labeling, tamper-proof seals, multi-panel labeling, top and bottom labeling, print & apply labeling.
Our advanced labeling technology is refined day by day, thanks in part to contributions from our customers who are always ready to request innovation and customized pressure sensitive labeling solutions. We offer solutions for the food & beverage, chemical, cosmetics, personal care, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. 

Shrink Sleeve Labeling: There are multiple types of automated packaging systems and shrink sleeve labeling is part of that general group. A typical system includes a shrink sleeve applicator, and either a standard or hydrid shrink tunnel. Shrink sleeve labels are currently the fastest growing labeling technology on the market today. This solution allows you to have a 360-degree display of your beautiful graphics and text, and also gives your products maximum marketing exposure and aesthetic impact. There are several different types of shrink sleeve labels, full-body, full-body with tamper-evident cap, middle sleeve, and multi-pack, leaving almost endless possibilities when creating a shrink sleeve label. Additionally, shrink sleeve labels can be applied to a number of container shapes, like round, oval, or irregular, while still maintaining the design and creating a sleek finish. Shrink Sleeve Labelers are used in a wide variety of industries including dairy, craft beer, ready-to-drink beverages, cosmetics, home care products, and personal care products. Their flexibility and reliable performance make them one of the best labeling values in the packaging industry.

Stretch Sleeve Labeling: Stretch sleeve labeling is a simple, flexible, and economical method of container decoration that does not require the use of adhesives or heat shrinking. This technology has been recognized for it’s ease of operation, dependability and durability. It also provides 360⁰ full-color graphics coverage for round, square and rectangular containers.
Typical stretch sleeve applications include, laundry products, bleach and related chlorine-based products, household cleaning products, edible oils, ready-to-drink beverages, fluid & dehydrated dairy products, kitty liter and automotive fluids and lubricants.


Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. offers a full line of simple and robust cartoning machines for primary packaging applications aimed at the food and non-food industries. These machines have set the standard for design and functionality within the industry and are continually updated to offer the latest industry leading technology.

Our range of cartoning machines features both semi-automatic and fully automatic top load and side load configurations and can accommodate the most challenging packaging and cartoning applications. We are familiar with virtually every carton style on the market today, which allows us to provide a cartoner of proven design with features that include flexibility, quick changeover, and superior product handling.

These robust machines offer many unique features and are unmatched for performance and reliability. Low maintenance requirements and reduced running costs make these machines an excellent choice to provide you with the next step in achieving increased efficiency and productivity.

Carton & Tray Formers

Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. offers a line of top load carton forming and closing machines that have been designed for the confectionary, bakery, and frozen food industries. This machinery can form a wide range of tri-seal and self-locking carton designs at production speeds of 60 – 120 cartons per minute. Optional automatic product loading is also available using multi-head weighers, robotics and unique purpose-built manual loading stations.

Carton Closers

Our line of carton closers includes a single flap closer, an in-line three flap closer and a fully automatic continuous motion right angle three flap closer that operates at speeds of up to 120 cartons per minute. All models are designed to handle a wide variety of carton shapes and sizes. These reliable and simple to operate carton closers are ideal for the most demanding and cost-conscious production environments and are available in both standard and washdown configurations.

Automatic Sleeving Machinery

There is a wide variety of choices for food packaging solutions. A food packaging sleeve is one of the more affordable options available, especially when compared to some traditional and custom printed plastic packaging. This is an important consideration for retail food and non-food products, whose packaging is intended to be quickly disposed of after use.

Food Packaging Sleeves enclose a food or non-food product that is already pre-packaged in some way, be it in a tray or container. Therefore, the addition of a food sleeve adds further protection to the product, minimizing the risk of damage occurring during transportation. This type of packaging is an excellent choice for dairy cups, ready to eat meals, prepared foods, tin cans, beverages and yogurt cups in multipacks as well as non-food products.

Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. offers a wide range of fully automatic sleeving machines. These systems can insert standard, narrow or large size trays or tubs of square, round and oval shapes into pre-glued cardboard sleeves at speeds of up to 80 packs per minute.

Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Machines

Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. has a history of providing industry-leading intermittent and continuous motion vertical form, fill and seal machines that provide simplicity and efficiency for food and non-food applications. Our baggers can produce a variety of different type bags, sizes, shapes, and styles from market-standard pillow bags to quad seal bags and options that include zippers, tear notches, nitrogen dosing, one-way valve applicators and more. Our baggers are equipped with an easy-to use and very intuitive interface, that allows operators to easily make changes to the program, save and load preset parameters to switch between different bag styles and products to allow for faster change-over time.

Our vertical, form, fill and seal machines are available in stainless steel or washdown construction with quick tool-less change over capability to produce multiple bag sizes on one machine. Seamless filler integration is also an option and includes, auger fillers, cup fillers, rotary combination scales, linear scales, product counters and other ancillary equipment.

Pre-made Pouch Machines

Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. offers a variety of flexible pouch packaging systems. Pre-made pouches are currently the fastest growing segment in flexible packaging in part because of their convenience and shelf appeal. Our pouch machines can handle virtually all types and sizes of bags and pouches with or without zippers. This includes pillow type, three and four sided seal, and multiple types of stand up pouches with resealable or easy-pour options. Our systems can be integrated with most types of filling equipment, and will place the pouch, pre-break a zipper, open, fill and seal pouches and bags within different stations of the pouch machine to provide a complete integrated solution.

Sachet Machines

Sachets are a well-known flexible packaging format and are very popular in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries due in part to their visual appeal and incredible finishes. A large flat surface on both sides lends itself well to printing and maximizing most of the available space. In addition to producing sachets in individual serving sizes, dosing packaging and on-the-go packaging styles, this format is also an excellent choice for sampling.

Our line of packaging machines are available in single and multiple lane models and can produce three and four sided sachets. When integrated with the correct filling system they can package powders, liquids, pasty, granulated or solid products. These sachet machines are compact, robust, user friendly, and designed for easy cleaning and low maintenance.

Stick Pack Machines

Stick Packs fulfill the desire of today’s consumer for convenient, single serve on the go packaging. This machinery can package dense, loose, fine and particulate materials as well as liquids and gels. So, from instant coffee to drink mixes and numerous other nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products our systems can quickly and reliably package it all. We offer changeover kits to produce multiple stick sizes on a single stick pack machine. Various machine models are available for all levels of production. From an entry level single lane stick pack machine to multiple lane machines for higher production requirements. Available options include tear notches, various seal patterns and shapes, static elimination, embossing, and more.

Horizontal Flow Wrappers

These versatile, technologically advanced packaging machines are for companies with an interest in a high quality product to optimize their packaging capabilities with a high level of performance. Horizontal Flow-Thru Wrappers are designed for packaging a wide range of products within the food and non-food industries for both standard and modified atmosphere packaging. This includes bakery products, confections and candy, dairy products, frozen food products, household, personal care and medical products. Machine features include robust stainless steel construction, sanitary machine design, no product / no package, out of position product / no cut, production information, fault display and recipe retrieval. These wrappers can handle a variety of film types and can be easily integrated with fully automated product feeding and distribution systems and other upstream or downstream equipment.