Product Inspection Systems

We at Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. understand how vital product safety is to the success of your business. Your customers not only rely on you to provide safe, consistent, quality products, they expect it. We leave nothing to chance and take that responsibility as seriously as you do. That’s why we offer various types of product inspection systems for 100% product inspection to assist your company in meeting your quality and regulatory requirements. We work with the top manufacturers of product inspection systems on the market today and focus on the newest technologies, industry trends and match your application with the best system available to meet your inspection requirements. Whether it be foreign material detection, weight verification, or product integrity, we understand your needs and have an inspection system to protect your brand.

Metal Detection Systems

Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. offers metal detection systems that are uniquely designed to detect a variety of contaminants. From basic conveyorized metal detectors with a stop on detect feature to heavy duty wash down metal detectors with retracting conveyor belt rejection systems. We also offer metal detection systems for free fall products in dry / dusty and wet washdown environments. Metal detection systems for hazardous area applications are also part of our product portfolio. Additional metal detection technologies include systems for pneumatic conveyance, pumpable liquids and pastes, sausage processing systems that easily integrate into all common piping systems, and last, but not least metal detection systems for tablets and capsules with IQ, OQ, PQ and SQ certifications upon request.

X-Ray Inspection

Our X-ray inspection systems handle a variety of applications and are used for inspecting pumpable liquids and pastes, packaged and bulk products and are specifically designed for end-of-line quality control. X-ray inspection systems combine highly efficient contaminant detection with an intuitive user friendly HMI, a hygienic design, and comply with all key food safety standards. Our X-ray inspection machines are ideal for a variety of food and pharmaceutical applications. Not only do they detect metals, but also many other contaminants, including glass, glass in glass, ceramic, stones, bone fragments and PVC, as well as a variety of other product defects and missing products within a package. Product rejection systems include single or multi-flap reject systems for bulk applications, and product pushers / diverters and air blast options for packaged products. All this combines to offer precise end-of-line inspection paired with reliable protection against customer complaints and recalls.

In-Motion Checkweighers

Meeting listed package weights is not only required by law, but also vital to a company’s reputation and bottom line. An In-Motion Checkweigher is an invaluable measuring device for production line efficiency. This device allows you to easily and effectively monitor throughput, predetermined product weights and efficiency in filling and packaging operations to eliminate consumer complaints regarding underweight packages and reducing costs related to overweight packages.

In-Motion Checkweighers can also be integrated with metal detection systems and can communicate with a variety of filling machines to adjust and maintain accurate fill weights. Another benefit is the ability to provide production data and generate advanced statistics of production performance at the machine level or via integration to a company QC network.

Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. offers a wide variety of check weighing options with strain gauge (analog) or electromagnetic force restoration (digital) load cells, because every weighing application is unique. Operating environments include, dry / dusty, wet washdown and hazardous areas. Our standard checkweighers are constructed in stainless steel but are also available in painted mild steel for industrial applications. Weigh tables are also available in standard sizes and custom configurations. Reject devices include product pushers / diverters, air blast systems and multi-lane sorting conveyors.

Vision Inspection Systems

According to FDA reports, mislabeled products omitting allergens or other potentially dangerous elements constitute a major food safety issue and a leading cause of recalls. As a way to safeguard against devastating FDA recalls, implementing a vision inspection solution can provide the assurance that 100% of defective labels are detected before ever leaving the manufacturing floor. Vision inspection systems are able to detect 100% of the defects they are trained to capture, thus eliminating the potential of mislabeled products reaching the consumer, and protecting brand owners from potential recalls and liability.

Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. offers vision inspection systems to inspect for liquid fill level, mislabeled products, label presence and alignment, cap / closure integrity, barcodes, 2D codes, vacuum and pressure detection, glass finish inspection and numerous other product inspection requirements.

While there are many options for vision inspection systems available on the market today, it would be wise to consider a turn-key system with single source responsibility with non-propriety software and components. The system should be capable of tracking your product (through the entire inspection process), inspecting for predetermined inspection criteria and the ability to reject defective products. Other factors to consider include, seamless backward (camera) compatibility, the ability to expand the system in the future, and system support from the original system supplier.