Product Inspection Systems

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, it is of the utmost importance to produce a safe quality product. Consumer and brand protection are the goals of every manufacturer. With over 25 years of packaging industry experience, APM offers multiple solutions for 100% Product Inspection to assist you in meeting your quality and regulatory requirements.

Metal Detection and X-Ray Inspection

APM offers Metal Detection Systems that are uniquely designed to detect a variety of contaminants. From basic conveyorized metal detectors with a stop on detect feature to heavy wash down metal detectors with retracting belt rejection systems. Need to inspect bulk or pumped products ? We offer solutions for these applications as well.

We also supply X-Ray inspection systems. From an entry level system that only requires thirty nine inches of line space to a dual beam system that was designed for more challenging applications. We can detect all metals, glass, bone, stone, and dense plastics in applications where products are conveyorized, pumped or in bulk. Our systems also have the ability to perform product integrity checks.


APM also provides in-line Checkweighers for 100 % product inspection to assist in keeping your products within predetermined weight tolerances, and minimizing product give away. From small consumer products to large industrial products we offer standard and custom systems for virtually every industry.

Vision Inspection Systems

APM also offers vision inspection systems and other technologies to inspect for liquid fill level, cap integrity, label presence and alignment, vacuum and pressure detection, glass finish inspection and numerous other product inspection requirements.