Secondary Packaging Machines

The term secondary packaging machines comprises a variety of technologies. At Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. this is one of the strong suits of our business. There comes a time when manual product handling and packing are outmatched by increased manufacturing volumes. Automation is the next logical choice. We offer multiple turn-key solutions for case packing and tray packing applications for the food & beverage, chemical, cosmetic, personal care, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. These automated packaging systems are great for companies ready to fully automate their production lines for the purpose of increasing manufacturing volumes, improving efficiencies, and reducing labor.

Case Packing

Typically running multi-wall corrugated material, case packing machinery can handle virtually any product from rigid containers, (cans, bottles, jars, jugs and cartons) to flexible bags. A new trend in secondary packaging is retail-ready packaging also known as shelf- ready packaging and offers the following benefits. It forces brands to think holistically, brands can avoid stock-outs, RRP can help decrease packaging waste as well as augmenting product presentation. Our case packer selection ranges from economical, slow-speed to high-speed servo driven models which includes drop packers, wrap-around case packers, top load case packers, side load case packers, bottom load case packers, and robotic top-load pick and place case packers.

Tray Packing

Tray packing is a viable option to case packing if the containers are rigid and can support their own weight while palletized. Some of the advantages of tray packing over case packing are, it adds stability to heavier loads, stackable with less bulk, increased savings by using less corrugated material, and waste reduction, and it allows retailers product visibility to track inventory levels.

Our tray packer options are many and are driven by specific customer requirements. From slow speed to high-speed servo driven automated packaging systems fully integrated and capable of tray packing loose cans, bottles, jars, jugs and cartons. An optional shrink tunnel for tray-shrink applications when the product requires more protection and hygiene is also available. Film structure capability includes registered and non-registered films. Machine technologies include top-load, pick and place, side-load and wrap-around systems with a variety of in-feeds and metering methods for precise and efficient product handling for production line optimization and efficiency. Machine features include small footprint to save valuable floor space, sanitary frame design and stainless steel washdown options, touch screen selectable product recipes for simple and repeatable changeovers.

Shrink Bundling

Shrink bundling is commonly used more for function than appearance. Usually wrapped in heavier gauge polyethylene film, products can be sealed in a loose unsupported package. This type of sleeve wrapping is often seen on multi-pack beverage products such as water bottles, trayed products, multi-pack consumer goods, and products that need extra security, as well as larger products bundled in a group. Once the products are sleeved, they move down the conveyor to a shrink tunnel where the film shrinks, creating tight and secure bundles. Bundled products are typically sealed with open ends on both sides. These open ends look like a bulls-eye, which is why they are often referred to as a bulls-eye enclosure. Often times, the bulls-eye opening is used as a handle to transport the product.

Automatic shrink bundling systems can be provided for products in total enclosure or bulls-eye formats. These automated packaging systems are available in semi-automatic, fully automatic and continuous motion models for various applications. Features include compact heavy duty welded tubular steel frame, powder coated or painted mild steel or optional stainless steel, electronic motion controls, intuitive HMI for easy set-up and change-over, and machine designs that meet category 3 and 4 safety protocols.

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping generally produces a package intended for retail display. These packages are normally wrapped in high-quality polyolefin film because of its ability to provide a clear, vibrant totally-enclosed finished package meant to promote the shelf appeal of the product. It is an ideal packaging solution for products or promotions that require multiple items to be presented together in an appealing, tamper-resistant package.

Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. offers high quality industrial shrink-wrapping systems for a variety of applications and industries. Sealing methods include integrated side, seal and trim, and static overlap bottom seal. Intermittent motion and continuous motion models. Other features include heavy duty welded tubular steel frame, powder coated or painted mild steel or optional stainless steel, electronic motion controls, intuitive HMI for easy set-up and change-over, machine designs that meet category 3 and 4 safety protocols. Complete product handling solutions are also available and include lane dividing and converging conveyors, product stacking and accumulation systems, product transfer and direction changing conveyors, product inverting and delivery modules.

Stand-Alone Secondary Packaging Machines

We at Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. consider stand-alone secondary packaging machines as having a dual role in manufacturing. First and foremost, it is a segue into the world of automation. Secondly, these machines are building blocks and vital components that can eventually be integrated and become an automated packaging system. Based on our industry knowledge and applications experience we can guide your company through the process of building a state-of-the-art production line that provides value, peak performance, and flexibility for future expansion one machine at a time.

Automatic Packaging Machinery, Inc. is your trusted partner in packaging. We have the know-how to offer you unbiased packaging solutions that make sense and offer an automation advantage. Our applications experience spans across multiple industries that includes the food & beverage, chemical, cosmetics, personal care, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

Case Formers

Case Formers are available in various models and configurations to handle a wide range of case styles and sizes. From semi-automatic pack-off stations to fully automated packaging systems designed to operate in diverse environments. Our machines are robust and available in powder coated or painted mild steel or stainless steel construction with production rates of up to 40 cases per minute. Sealing options include two inch and three inch tape heads or hot melt glue systems. Intuitive HMI’s for easy case set-up and change-over are also available. Safety features include interlocked safety guarding, and emergency stop buttons on both sides of the machine

Case Sealers

Case sealers are designed to meet the demands of standard and high output applications. From standard semi-automatic to fully automatic models to handle various case sizes, to high speed random case sealers that automatically seal a wide range of case sizes at up to 35 cases per minute are available. Robust welded frame construction available in painted or powder coated mild steel or in stainless steel. Sealing methods available are two and three inch tape heads or hot melt glue systems depending on your application. Other case sealer features include touch screen controls, interlocked safety guarding, and emergency stop buttons on both sides of the machine.

Tray Formers

Not all tray forming applications are the same, and neither is our product offering. Our selection of tray formers includes fully mechanical machines as well as high performance full servo driven machines. Regardless of the drive system, mechanical compression is used in the forming process to guarantee each tray is properly formed, providing reinforced stacking strength and an appearance that is robust and appealing to the eye. Glue and Self-Locking tray styles and designs are numerous, but rest assured that with many years of industry experience chances are good our machines have formed most trays on the market today. Machine construction is available in painted or powder coated mild steel or stainless steel with production rates of up to 55 trays per minute. Our machines are available with standard drive components, (various choices of electrical controls), safety interlocks and emergency stop buttons.

Shrink Tunnels

We are proud to offer a line-up of the most efficient, longest lasting, and most reliable shrink tunnels available on the market today. These systems incorporate components usually found on high-speed equipment into a system having a length of less than eleven feet, providing production speeds exceeding sixty packages per minute and conserving valuable floor space. Unique shrink tunnel chamber design provides superior air velocity and directional control so a shorter length can be used. Additional features include adjustable air baffles to provide precise air direction control to assure the best possible finished product appearance, multi blower tunnel chamber, and variable frequency-controlled blower motors for precise air velocity control, heavy duty welded tubular steel frame, powder coated or painted mild steel or optional stainless steel.


We’ll review your project specifications and provide a customized, cost-effective solution to meet your automation requirements.